Free Speech, Language and Hearing Screens

Our children’s communicative needs are just too important to be put off; so we have made our screenings free.

Screenings are scheduled throughout the school year at local preschools, daycares and in our Snellville Clinic. Our goal is to identify any speech-language-hearing delays or difficulties as early as possible. Early intervention is “key” in providing children with the skills to communicate in the world around them as well as growing and developing into their full potential. We recommend that your child be at least age 3 to participate in the screening, however evaluations are available to all children no matter what age. Just submit the form below so that we may contact you or call our office for more information. Please call (770) 995-9600 for more information.

If you are a school interested in offering free screenings to your families please contact Jennifer to schedule. We usually schedule screenings between September and October but they can be scheduled anytime!

Important Note: Screenings are not formal assessments and there is no write-up that comes with a screening.  We will however, let you know the day of your screening if a formal assessment is recommended.  Please call our office or submit the form below for more information.  Thank you!

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