Parent Testimonials

We cannot say enough to explain how wonderful the people at RightStart are. Our son has been going to them for over a year and a half and they have helped him in a tremendous way. Not only did they help him to speak, but they made it to where he looks forward to going to therapy. They work with him based on his needs and likes, not just on what a text book says. You can tell they truly care about the kids they are working with and the families too. I am very grateful to RightStart for all the ways they have helped my son and would recommend them to everyone.

– Kaden S. (Mom)

My son has been attending Right Start Therapy Services since around the age of 2, at the recommendation of his pediatrician. When he first began, his articulation, expressiveness, and vocabulary were severely lacking. Now, he is able to communicate effectively with other children and adults and express most of his thoughts and ideas clearly. I’ve looked into other speech therapists and was unimpressed with their lack of professionalism and overcrowded patient loads. I love the consistency and communication given after each session. This helps me to keep me informed so I can work with him at home. Most importantly, my son enjoys his sessions and looks forward to learning something new each time.

– Sherrie Waddell (Mom)