Right Start Therapy Service provides therapy for speech and language delays and disorders.

What is a language disorder?

According to ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association), a language disorder is “impaired comprehension and/or [impaired] use of spoken, written and/or other symbol systems.”

This means that language therapy can help with some of the following:

star_bulletFollowing Directions
star_bulletAnswering simple “wh” questions to high level inferential questions
star_bulletAbility to answer yes/no questions
star_bulletExpressing wants, needs, thoughts, and social interactions
star_bulletImproving language forms


Phonology – The rules for the sounds of language (ex. Spelling rules)

Morphology – The rules for the construction and structure of words (ex. plurals, -ing endings, prefixes, suffixes, etc.)

Syntax – The rules for the order and structure of sentences (ex. grammar, subject/verb agreement)

star_bulletImproving language content

Semantics – The meaning of words and sentences (ex. more/most, compare and contrast, words with double meanings)

star_bulletFunction of Language

Pragmatics – The rules for socially appropriate communication that is functional. (ex. greetings, please/thank you, communicating in appropriate manner)

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