Oral Motor Disorders

An Oral-Motor Disorder is defined as an inability to use the speech mechanism for functional speech and/or feeding. These children may have trouble with chewing, blowing or even producing specific speech sounds. Some children may present with oral hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity.

Signs and Symptoms:


Low Muscle Tone in the Face

star_bulletOpen Mouth Posture (mouth breather)

star_bulletTongue Thrust

star_bulletDrooling (not related to teething)

star_bulletLeaves Food in Cheeks or Mouth After Eating

star_bulletOral Defensiveness (does not like to have face touched)

star_bulletOral Hypersensitivity (mouths non-edible objects)

star_bulletDifficulty Coordinating Tongue Movements

star_bulletFeeding Problems

star_bulletProblems Producing Speech Sounds