RightStart Therapy provides extremely effective one on one treatment for your child’s apraxia disorder.¬† Apraxia may also be accompanied by a language disorder called aphasia.

Symptoms of Apraxia

Symptoms of “acquired apraxia of speech” and childhood apraxia of speech include inconsistent articulatory errors, groping oral movements to locate the correct articulatory position, and increasing errors with increasing word and phrase length. Acquired apraxia of speech often co-occurs with oral apraxia during both speech and non-speech movements and limb apraxia.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) presents in children who have no evidence of difficulty with strength or range of motion of the articulators, but are unable to execute speech movements because of motor planning and coordination problems.

Acquired apraxia of speech involves the loss of previously acquired speech levels. It occurs in both children and adults who have (prior to the onset of apraxia) acquired some level of speaking ability. Unlike Childhood Apraxia of Speech, AOS is typically the result of a stroke, tumor, or other known neurological illness or injury.

Apraxia Treatment

With proper treatment, many children suffering from apraxia improve significantly. Call RightStart Therapy Services today for more information.